Advisory Board


Industrial Design Professional / Founder re/form/ist, President of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey

Sertaç Ersayın, a graduate of Industrial Product Design Department of ODTU Architecture Faculty, took the position of Vice President (Design and Innovation) and Strategic Design Coordinator for Kale Yapı Group for 4.5 years. Mr. Ersayın started his career as a Design Expert in the Technology Development and Engineering Departments of Koç Group. He managed the management of DeiChung JV and Hong Kong international marketing company, which they designed and produced in South China, for 3 years.  He founded the Design Group in Demirdöküm, which is also in the same company, and directed it for 8 years. Ersayın, a member of the IF Design Award/ Hannover ve Design Management Europe jury, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, has made a jury membership in more than 150 design competitions. Mr. Ersayın, is the president of İndustrial Designers Society of Turkey. He is also the founder of the Reform-ist Strategic Design and Innovation Management company.