Istanbul Craft Week


Istanbul is a source of inspiration for innovative design ideas and feeds today's design ideas as well as traditional crafts and production styles that have survived to the present day with its multi-layered cultural heritage as a rich venue for traditional arts and crafts. The arts and crafts traditions of Istanbul are kept alive by the craftsmens of the city and transferred to new generations.

Istanbul is a city of culture and design that hosts many events, festivals and contests in the fields of fashion, crafts, graphics, architecture, urban design, industrial design. Craft week is a 6-day event organization that combines all this urban mobility with workshops, interviews, trips to the city's art, design and craft spots for a week and focuses on the city's craft culture.

In light of all this information, Istanbul Craft Week will be developed on 17-22 June 2019 within the scope of UNESCO Design City Istanbul Project commitments. Istanbul Craft Week is a project that aims to bring Istanbul's talent in traditional arts and crafts together with design and art by focusing on forgotten craft branches.