Istanbul Urban Design Guide Completed

Istanbul has world-class design city design qualities with its innovative and rich content planning for design week, contests, design center and city development. In this context, a road map has been prepared to carry the city to a better future on the basis of the diverse structure and historical texture of Istanbul, which was selected by UNESCO as the 2017 Design City. The Urban Design Guide, prepared in 3 books, has urban design models that will enhance and update the sustainable functionality of Istanbul. There are many topics such as transportation planning and energy design in the first book called Urban Planning and Design. In the second work called Urban Spaces, the design and historical preservation of streets and streets, squares, green spaces, which are natural buildings of city life, are mentioned. In the third book, Urban Spatial Components, the basic elements of modern cities such as lighting, color, landscape design and urban furniture were analyzed.

With this study in Istanbul, will reinforce its position as an example for both Turkey and the other cities of the world and will enhance the quality of the modern city. The works and improvements made in Istanbul, which has a great geopolitical and geostrategic position, will contribute to the city's design city title.