Stakeholders of Project

The authority of the Republic of Turkey government; The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology develops and implements industrial policies and strategies, administrative and technical regulations for industrial products in line with the principles, objectives and policies of the development plans and annual programs, keeps track of industrial enterprises, produces industrial statistics and analyzes. In addition, it encourages the identification and implementation of science, technology and innovation policies in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations in line with social development, economic development and national security objectives by keeping sustainable development active. 

In addition, it implements incentive measures, regulates and inspects industrial research, development and innovation programs and projects, supporting the activities and investments to be carried out within this scope.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is the public entity that conducts the municipal affairs of the provincial borders of Istanbul. From environmental protection to health services, cultural services to transportation services; it operates in every area the city inhabitants need. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality carries out all its activities with the mission of "providing services to meet unmet needs, in line with the 21st Century understanding of local government, and perfecting municipal services with an institutional understanding while keeping the city's cultural identity alive".  Sustainable and Innovative solutions to facilitate life, urbanism and civilization in the name of the brand that produces global value of the city is the local government. 

Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) aims to accelerate regional development in 2008 in line with the principles and policies envisaged in national development plans and programs, by developing cooperation between the public sector, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, ensuring the effective and effective use of resources, to ensure sustainability, to reduce interregional and intra-regional development disparities. In this sense, ISTKA's vision is positioned as a center of solution for Istanbul, a world city, which is human-oriented and sensitive to the environment, and which guides effective and global improvements. 

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) is a cultural institution that does not aim for profit and works for the public good. Since 1973, it has been conducting studies that enrich Istanbul's culture and arts life. Regularly organizing Istanbul Music, Film, Theater and Jazz festivals, Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Design Biennial, Leyla Gencer Voice Contest and Filmekimi, it performs special events throughout the year.

Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey (ETMK) was founded in 1988 by a group of industrial designers in Ankara. It is the most established professional organizations working in the field of industrial design in Turkey. The main objective is to promote the industrial product design profession, to create and protect the rights and authority of the designers, to strengthen communication and solidarity among colleagues, to work with the relevant institutions at the manufacturer and user levels to provide qualified products.

Turkey Design Council aims to contribute to Turkey's social and economic development with design-oriented approach. The public and private sectors reveal the value added by providing meeting with a good design and thereby contributes to the strength of the design goal of being competitive advantage of Turkey. It deals with social and economic problems with multidisciplinary design thinking and produces solutions with a unique approach to the problems.